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Abu Dhabi


Corniche Breakwater
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
+971 2 681 4455

Heritage Village is a re-creation of a souk, mosque and encampment, showing what life in Abu Dhabi was like pre-modernization. You can shop, explore artifacts and watch artisans making pottery, blowing glass and weaving fabric on a loom.

Photo by Tony Johansson/Dreamstime



Etihad Towers
Ras Al Akhdar
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
(800) 384-4238

During your trip if you’re in need of a new handbag or gown, let’s say, head to The Avenue. It is more intimate than some of the mega-shopping complexes and it carries top luxury brands like Givenchy, Lanvin and Tom Ford.

Photo courtesy of Avenue At Etihad Towers



Khalifa Street
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
+971 2 629 9455

Cairo Fabrics is Abu Dhabi’s equivalent of Mood in New York — three floors of fabric offer options for every need and personal style. The local tradition de rigueur is to have your clothing custom-made by a tailor. (Try Orchid Tailors & Textiles across the street and ask for ‘Mr. Santa.’)

Photo courtesy of Tinou Bao



Al Jimi
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
+971 3 762 1868

You’ll find authentic perfume, incense and crafts in this open-air market, as well as calligraphy, drawing and henna painting. Look out for Mubdia’h Village, a section established to support women-owned businesses.

Photo by Klights/Dreamstime



Al Markaziyah
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
+971 2 810 7810

One of the oldest sites in Abu Dhabi. Some parts of the souk are touristy, but there are great spices at Wadi A’z Zafran and hand-woven goods at Sougha Initiative, which supports entrepreneurial female Emirati artisans.

Photo courtesy of Visit Abu Dhabi